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President, Bruce A. Jackim
Vice President, Mary Gerhart

Statement Regarding CAA Coup de état
June 2005
It is our intent to continue as the 107th chartered club of the University of California Alumni Association (CAA).  Of which, the majority of our members are Life Members.

We do NOT AGREE to change our status from alumni MEMBERS to "Volunteers".

We do NOT AGREE to change our status from an alumni CLUB to a "Group".

We do NOT AGREE to remove our rights to vote for the leadership of CAA, the bylaws, or control of the assets of the organization.

No alumnus nor alumni club need agree to anything in CAA's 30 Nov 2005 STATEMENT OF INTENT.  Signing such is an agreement to usurp member's existing rights within CAA.  A statement to "dissolve" a club for failure to sign, is a "threat" to force an action.  That is extortion, a criminal offense.

Any action by any individual, staff member or caa, to restrict our rights as Members of the organization of CAA, to in any way restrict, diminish or dissolve any club or right of a Member, is a litigious matter.  Staff at caa are employees and have no legal powers over Members of the organization.  Our Club is a legal entity under the laws of the United States of America and the State of Ohio.

I am distressed to observe the coup de état which occurred at the June 2005 meeting of the CAA Board of Directors.  At which time President Elect Brett Kanazawa was improperly "unseated" by an improper vote of then present directors.  Further, that former employee staff members of Randall Parent were then put in place as the executive leadership of the board (caa).  It is my understanding from conversation with Brett that this coup de état occurred due exactly to his intent to remove Mr. Randall Parent as Executive Director of CAA.

I am distressed that the majority of CAA members have no knowledge of these events.  I am further distressed that certain personal friends, and fraternity brothers of mine, seem to be part of this coup de état to take over control of CAA and its considerable assets.  Mostly I am very disappointed that they seem to find no fault with slander, threats to obtain compliance, or unlawful executive actions to assume control of a membership organization and its nearly us$30 Million in assets.

I am pleased to observe that several very significant members of CAA, including former Board Members and a past President, have attempted every possible means to peacefully stop this grab for control of the organization.  Only to have then been personally attacked, insulted and slandered by the parties involved.  I have contacted The Chancellor's Office and understand it is embarrassed by what is occurring and wishes to disassociate the campus from these activities at CAA, which is a private membership organization.

Mr. Randall Parent has already slandered me in writing before other members of CAA.  I shall be addressing that action before the law as soon as time permits.

I am also authorized by our Club Members to proceed with legal action to enjoin CAA, or any person, against taking any action against our Club.  In doing so, we shall be challenging any and all changes imparted by these parties at caa and their control of the organization and its assets.

Any other Alumnus or Club wishing to join us in such action is free to contact me directly.

Bruce A. Jackim, President
Box 81618
Cleveland, OH 44181-0618  USA

message Thu, 13 Oct 2005 
to: Richard Russel, past President CAA
cc: Brett Kawazawa, President-elect CAA 2005

I have already received response in support of my position from members of CalNEO.  My position has been consistent for years as we (our members) have witnessed continual degradation of membership support and services from CAA.  The points brought forward by me stand valid.  Facts are not inflammatory.  Mr. Parent is the problem.

...I know you are weary.  However, this is NOT something accomplished by separate individuals on their own, but instead by all of us together as the Alumni Organization that WE are supposed to be.

May I please point out the following from Randy Parent (undated, assume 22 sep 2005):

"We've all known for years that Bruce's Northeast Ohio Club has two members - Bruce and his wife. And that he's nuts. He has always refused to submit rosters, etc. His response to the SWAT [??sic] analysis was atrocious. We have eleven years of documented history on this. I believe it's now time to take action - the staqff has never felt empowered to do so before. I'm hoping that we've moved far enough along in Policy Governance to make this a staff decision. I would like to let him know that he's not invited to the Regional Groups meeting due to his conduct on the conference call and consistently disruptive behavior."

This quotation from someone who is supposed to be the executive director is grounds for removal without need for other cause.  Mr. Parent is out of control.  Mr. Parent generates confrontation.  Mr. Parent needs to be removed from CAA.  We have ample cause.  "Eleven years of documented history", "SWAT", "we've moved far enough along...to make this a staff decision" ??  Who does he think he is?  Head of the East German Secret Police?  Certainly not an alumni organization.

I did not create any confrontation.  Obviously, Mr. Parent has been preparing confrontation for some time.

Regarding Tues, 20 Sep 2005:
Prior to the conference call I spoke with Brett and confirmed with him that I would within the call declare my support for removal of Mr. Parent, return of CAA to previous Bylaws & Clubs structure, and support of Brett's presidency.  After the conference call, I telephoned and debriefed Brett on the discussion as it occurred.

I and other club presidents listened to 41minutes of uninterrupted dribble from Jason and Amber.  Then five minutes from NY club president Sara Yee who stated that CAA was not supporting them, and that their club is in danger of dissolution unless CAA gets it together.  She stated that the discussion to that point did nothing to help clubs or membership, to which I then concurred.  I stated that nothing said by staff included any mention of service or support to membership, but instead was a set of demands on membership.  That this is the same wrong direction CAA has taken for the last many years under Randy's tutelage.  I then added that I support action, including legal action to remove Randy from CAA; that Brett Kananzawa is correctly the President under Bylaws and procedures; that if corrective actions did not occur, that action to freeze assets of CAA pending membership review was proper action I would support.

This discussion obviously has been taken seriously by Randy, and therefore he launched his assault on me.  Randy's version of that conference call is fiction, and he was not part of the call.

This proves something.  They are scared.  They are lashing out to attack anyone who threatens their little conspiracy, free speech, public opinion and legality be damned.

CAA is a private, non-profit organization.  So is the Red Cross.  Law applies.  Courts do have jurisdiction.  We have to appeal the declination to hear the injunction, and/or pursue other law protecting members rights and executive management of corporate entities (which includes CAA).

I certainly cannot do that from here.

Unless you, me and the rest of our knowledgeable alumni members stand up to these acts, how do you believe any corrective action can occur?  How do you think Mr. Parent will ever be removed?

...I am "distressed" and I intend to do something about it.  You need to be with us ...You are a past President, Brett is supposed to be President, I am an active prominent alumnus, long term nominee to the Board, clubs founder and club President, etc.  We need you.

Bruce A. Jackim, President
Cleveland, OH USA

Bruce A. Jackim, President
GeoData Systems Management Inc.
Cleveland, OH USA

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