CalNEO California Alumni Club of NE Ohio
107th Chartered Club of the
University of California Alumni Association 
Cleveland, OH  USA
  President, Bruce A. Jackim
  Vice President, Mary Gerhart

UC-alumni.org is a non-profit service organization for alumni of the University of California at Berkeley.

UC-alumni.org is commited to working with California Alumni to implement useful alumni services, member interaction, networking, support to individual alumni and regional alumni clubs.  The philosophy of the organization is that UC-alumni.org is here to serve the MEMBERSHIP, and not the other way around. 

As the result of past work, UC alumni nationwide receive the annual telecast of the BigGame, numerous regional and international alumni clubs have been created, and alumni have at least some little control to stop unwanted mailings and solicitations. 

We are all California Golden Bears and to the best of our knowledge we are the largest body of alumni from any single organization in the world.  Together, we can change the world, if we choose. 

UC-alumni.org is open to all alumni, employees, associates and friends of the University of California.  We welcome friends and associates to join us as they wish to celebrate our common backgrounds. 

To join us, access our email form, send your contact information.   We will add you to our email list to invite you to various club's events.  You will receive from us NO UNWANTED MAILINGS or SOLICITATIONS, guaranteed

We are opposed to the change in control of CAA taken in June 2005.  For further information on this situation on this please refer to information provided in link online

By all means, GO BEARS ! 

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